My First Time At CycleBar

Hello, everyone! A few weeks ago I was browsing my Instagram and an add for CycleBar came up. For those who may not be aware, CycleBar is a spin class; it’s 45 minutes of high intensity cycling that you could burn around 500 calories doing.

So, I click the link and browse classes near me. The ONLY reason I took the 5:30am class for the following morning was because the class was playing T Swift music. I bought the $10 newbie pass, selected my bike spot, and tried to convince myself 5:30am was a great time to workout.

Next morning, it wasn’t too bad being up so early. There wasn’t anyone on the roads, so it felt like the world and I were sharing our own little private moment. I walked in about 15 minutes early and the front desk attendant showed me how to check in.

When choosing your class online, you choose if you need the special bike shoes that clip in, I, of course, did. So, the shoes were in a little cubby with my bike number waiting for me. I got a free water bottle and on one of the lockers it said, “Welcome to CycleBar, Kaylee!” How cute!


I changed into the special shoes, locked everything into the locker, and walked into a room with rows of bikes. The lady showing me around adjusted my bike for me and clipped me in. A few minutes later the teacher came over and talked to me about how this was my workout and I could go at my own pace.

I started pedaling because others in the class were doing this to warm up. I was at 36 rpm (speed). Perfect, this seems great, this will be fun. If only I had known… The warm up once class started was 100 rpm. ONE HUNDRED. Oh, lord take the wheel. My legs were going as fast as they could and I was trying so hard to just focus on the Taylor Swift music playing around me.

For the first 10ish minutes I REALLY tried to keep up. I would keep up in speed and resistance, but I knew if I kept this up I would not be able to finish the class. So I slowed it down a little, I tried to keep up with the speed and not resistance, as much.

Every time I thought about stopping it was as if the teacher knew and she would preach some inspirational words. One of my favorites was when she said that the only person I had to impress here was myself. I kept pedaling. I was so into my groove that I had no clue what happened when people started clapping, turns out class was over.

I unclipped my shoes, walked like a baby deer to my stuff, and chugged the rest of my water bottle. I was covered in sweat, but it was 6:15am and I was already wide awake and done with my workout. I walked to my car so impressed with myself, I really pushed myself and had a bit of fun. Afterwards, you get an email with your stats of your rank in the class, calories burned, etc.

Overall, I don’t think cycling classes are for me, but it was a good experience. I felt very supported and welcomed. My teacher made me feel so proud of myself because she told me her first cycle class she pretended like she was out of water after 20 minutes and left. But, I survived my first cycle class at CycleBar! Should I try more workout classes and share the results on here?

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