Burger King Impossible Whopper Review

Hello, everyone! I have been away from this blog for a short while, but I’m back and plan on posting weekly on here! You can click the follow button to be notified when I post!

On to today’s topic, IMPOSSIBLE WHOPPERS! As a vegetarian/ sometimes vegan, it is a pain in the butt not to be able to just swing on in a drive thru and get myself some food. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about making food at home, but sometimes I just want a good burger that’s not made from animals. And then Burger King answered my prayers!

Burger King started making an alternative to their famous whoppers by making them with Impossible meat. For those who do not know, Impossible meat is a vegan fake meat that tastes as close to real meat as it gets.

I’ve had Impossible meat in tacos before, so I knew I’d like it. However, I brought my mom, a meat eater, along to this taste test adventure. So, a vegetarian and meat eater raced off to Burger King to get this magical Whopper.

My mom and I never really went to Burger King, and as far as I know, the Impossible Whopper isn’t making people choose it over the regular Whopper, but instead bringing in a whole new crowd of people.

Here are a few pictures of the Impossible Whopper, which really surprised my mom because it doesn’t really look like a “veggie burger.”


To me, the burger tastes exactly like a regular burger, but I haven’t eaten real meat in years, so I looked to my mom to see what she thought. She immediately put down her burger and very quietly said, “I think they gave us real meat.” Of course they didn’t give us real meat, I told her it was “impossible.” (See what I did there? I’m so punny!)

Not only had the Impossible Whopper pleased a vegetarian who was dying for some greasy fast food, but it tricked an actual meat eater into thinking it was meat!

I believe that the Impossible Whopper is only in a few states at the moment; I was lucky enough to be in the test city, however the actual Impossible meat should be in stores before the end of 2019. Until then, if you’re not in an area with the Impossible Whopper, go look on the Impossible meat website and you can see what restaurants near you serve their meat!

I highly recommend the Burger King Impossible Whopper. 10/10. So yummy for vegetarians and meat lovers!

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